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Is your pool looking like it could use a little TLC? Let our professionals give your poolscape an aquatic makeover that will have it looking better than new. We can install and repair retaining walls, patio tiles and deck materials. The installation of waterfalls and concealed lighting can create a relaxed and inviting environment.

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- Waterfalls

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- Retaining Walls

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- Plastering and tile renovation

We are a family owned business certified in all types of pool deck installations.

Hydrazzo® is available in 14 colors and combines naturally beautiful coarse graded crystalline and colored marble, along with white Portland cement and a variety of other performance enhancing ingredients to create the ultimate pool coating. Once polished, this smooth, rich surface provides outstanding durability and resists blemishing.

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Renovation services

Hydrazzo® pool coating

Durazzo® is a state-of-the-art, pre-blended pool finish designed to provide an exceptionally smooth, colorful and long lasting finish. Durazzo’s unique formulation of the whitest marble aggregates, the highest quality color quartz, Portland cement and performance enhancing admixtures is resistant to common pool plaster problems like spot etching, staining and discoloration.

Durazzo® polished marble pool finish

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Plaster is an age old process of finishing many structures. Used underwater, it provides a watertight seal. The traditional white cement mixed with crushed marble, finished by trowel to a hard pool finish.


Let your pool or spa be a reflection if you, Diamond Brite gives you a wide variety of factory-blended finishes so it’s easy to coordinate your Pool’s color scheme.

Diamond Brite® pool finish

River Rok is an advanced, revolutionary interior pool finish.  From a study of exposed Pebbles on various surfaces in extreme climates, the idea was born to provide a tougher, time resistant surface for pool interiors.  River Rok is a blend of Premium Natural Pebbles to resemble nature in all her splendor.

River Rok® pool finish

Hydrazzo Durazzo River Rok Diamond-Brite